About Art Ukraïna

Art has always been a representation of the deepest feelings that one cannot put into words; it imitates the lives of the people breathing in today’s reality and is full of hidden senses waiting to be discovered and shared. Founded on authenticity, this exhibition presents an immersive experience and provides a slice of life where people can lose themselves, finding tranquility and solace in a time of instability and war. Here, one can graciously admire the artists’ passions and embodiments of Ukraine as it has been rendered out on canvas at: ArtUkraїna. 

ArtUkraїna paves the way in providing an insight to the roots of Ukrainian culture and allows you to catch a glimpse of what feelings reside in the hearts of Ukrainian people. You can meet a human who retains a tight bond with the past of his land, shapes the contemporary, and builds the future, which will become another milestone in history. 

The paintings presented at ArtUkraїna reflect the collective memories of generations past; tremors felt from a not-so-distant history emphasize what Ukrainians are defending today. The artists unveil their regional traditions using different techniques, forms, themes, and colors. The images of their paintings speak to us in a modern language about eternal values – dignity, love of family, home, and country. 

We cordially invite you to lose yourself in the beauty of this exhibition and enjoy the art; because art is in the eyes that see and the heart that believes.

Detailed Goals

All proceeds go to the purchase of ambulances and funding other medical projects for Ukraine

Ambulance for Ukraine

Service-ready ambulances are among the most- needed items in Ukraine.  The average cost is 10.000€.

Support of Ukrainian hospitals

On average, we need 10.000-15.000€ to cover one request per hospital.

Individual First Aid Kits

We aim to provide each household with IFAK. The cost of one kit is about 80€.

People Behind

Lesia Kochergina
curator of exhibition
Solomia Dmytriv
exhibition organiser,
YOUkraine Team
Vira Bezhevets
exhibition organiser,
YOUkraine Team
Sofiia Hraban
exhibition organiser,
YOUkraine Team
Israel Mesquita
web designer
Khrystyna Karpo
Ivan Dyba
technical support
Valeriy Bezhevets
CATALOG Designer
Yevhen Lopukhin
technical support

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