Liubov Plavska

Liubov Plavska is a ceramic artist, graphic designer, and musician. Born in 1985, originally from Ternopil region, she spent most of her life in Kyiv. After working 17 years in graphic design, she gradually moved to ceramics and is currently studying it at the Lviv National Academy of Arts and the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. 

Liubov was a free student at the Department of Folklore at the National Academy of Musical Art, studied Indonesian gamelan at the Institute of Arts in Surakarta, and uses her knowledge playing with a gamelan group in Warsaw. She participates in joint projects with Ukrainian composers, creating electroacoustic installations, developing experimental ceramic aerophones. 

She continues to deeply study the origins of the aesthetics and technology of Kosiv painted ceramics, ceramic glazes, both natural and synthetic.