Oleksandr Melnyk

Oleksandr Melnyk is a Ukrainian monumentalist artist from Kyiv region. He studied at the Kyiv Art Institute, in the workshop of T. Yablonska. Since 1973, he has been actively participating in international and Ukrainian exhibitions. The artist devoted most of his work to the topics of covering Ukrainian history. His tapestries, mosaics, and stained glass decorate numerous museums, theaters, and churches in Ukraine.

The main aspect of his creativity is the convincing transfer of the artist's ideas. That is why, due to the stylistic approach to historical artistic traditions, the author vividly conveys the content of the pages of the history of his country.

In 2004, in order to revive the genre of historical painting in Ukraine, he founded and curates the All-Ukrainian Biennale "Ukraine from Trypillia to the Present in the Images of Contemporary Artists"